A fund for…?

The Fils de Notre Dame de Vie endowment fund was officially recognized in May 2022 (cf. see French Official Journal). 

Its purpose, in France and abroad, is to promote, support and develop by all means, activities and projects of general interest, in particular of :

  • solidarity and mutual aid, particularly transgenerational ; 
  • social and medico-social ; 
  • humanitarian ; 
  • cultural and educational through the teaching of French as well as support for training and learning.

This aid is aimed in particular at children and young adults, the elderly (3rd and 4th ages) and the sick and, more broadly, any vulnerable public. Although modest in its means, the fund aims to be able to support as many causes and people as possible in connection with its own purpose.


A fund administered by…?

This fund is managed by a group of friends and members of the masculine branch of the Institut Notre-Dame de Vie, an institute of consecrated life belonging to the Catholic Church.

Its terms of existence and operation, as well as the monitoring of its activity meet the requirements of the French regulations in force.

Want to help us ?

To support us, you can: 

  • Make a donation directly online,
  • To make a bequest by listing the Sons of Notre Dame de Vie Endowment Fund as the, or one of your testamentary beneficiaries. For more information on this possibility, we invite you to contact us via the form provided for this purpose.

If you are a French tax resident, any donation entitles you to a tax deduction of up to 66%, within the legal limits of 20% of taxable income for individuals, and a tax reduction of up to 60% of the amount of the payments for companies.

Bequests or legacies are exempt from transfer duties (again, in France).

Do you want to receive help?

If your need falls within the purpose of the endowment fund described above, you can contact us via the form provided for this purpose (“Contact us” tab).

The steps will be as follows:

Contact via the form on this site; please detail and motivate your request as much as possible in the « Your message » field.
Exchange in writing or orally to specify your need and assess its adequacy with the purpose of the fund and its financing capacities.
After this pre-validation, sending of the complete form to be completed by you.
Submission to the Fund Board.
Final decision on your application.