First initiatives:

  • In 2023, we started supporting our first 4 projects for a total amount of 17000€.
  • In 2024, our budget is now fully allocated (10 projects) for a total amount of 34000€.

Below, we display a few examples of support we give.


School support

& vocational training

2023 – French courses

After spending two years in France, Andrés, a young Mexican, studied at the University for the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language, at Paul Valéry University in Montpellier (IEFE).

Objective: Acquisition and development of skills in French / Foreign language at B1 level, in written comprehension and production, oral comprehension and production and French and Francophone culture from an action-oriented and intercultural perspective.

May 2023: certification obtained – Congratulations!

2024 – School fee tuition for elementary school pupils

From the 24th of February 2022, Ukraine is suffering a war which obliged many families to leave their home country. Consequently, the fonds FNDV decides to support Alla (7 years old) so that she receives all the needed support while following her scholarship.

We are happy to also support Patrick’s family (11 years old) so that he can continue studying in the same school.

Humanitarian & social


2023 – Discovery of French culture and heritage

On the occasion of the World Youth Days held in Lisbon – Portugal, young Mexicans and Filipinos began their journey by discovering France, its culture and its heritage.

Paris, Lyon, Avignon and small villages in these regions will have given a first glimpse of the historical richness of France; we hope this will have given participants the desire to learn more!

2024 – the Clown’s year?

Augustine, Rubi and Confetti are full of energy, and we feel it! With their association 1 grain de folie, they they work, with their own ways, to make a kinder and more human world by creating social bonds wherever it is missing!

As for Dominique, he got the clowny virus and wants to give joy around him, especially to the elderly people that he visits (almost) every day.

To care of

our seniors

2023 – Care assistance in a retirement home

Ramon and Jean are the first two residents of the Venasque retirement home (Vaucluse) to benefit from the support of the endowment fund.

As the years go by, the help needed becomes more pronounced to support our seniors in this stage of their lives.

2024 – Support of Seniors continue!

On the 5th of March 2024, Jean passed away, after a life where he had to manage his heavy handicap. We keep great memories of his joy and his humour that he most certainely continue to develop in some other ways in Heavens.

Jean-François joined the retirement house of Quinsan a couple of years ago and we are happy to start supporting him so that he lives peacefully his time over there.