First initiatives:

Thanks to your donation, we were able to start to support our first 4 projects for a total amount of 17000€.



« Culture & vocational training »

2023 – Discovery of French culture and heritage

On the occasion of the World Youth Days held in Lisbon – Portugal, young Mexicans and Filipinos began their journey by discovering France, its culture and its heritage.

Paris, Lyon, Avignon and small villages in these regions will have given a first glimpse of the historical richness of France; we hope this will have given participants the desire to learn more!

2023 – French courses

After spending two years in France, Andrés, a young Mexican, studied at the University for the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language, at Paul Valéry University in Montpellier (IEFE).

Objective: Acquisition and development of skills in French / Foreign language at B1 level, in written comprehension and production, oral comprehension and production and French and Francophone culture from an action-oriented and intercultural perspective.

May 2023: certification obtained – Congratulations!


« Humanitarian & social »

We did not receive yet any request corresponding to this section. Are you aware of any need around you? Feel free to reach out through the contact page.


« Care of our seniors »

2023 – Care assistance in a retirement home

Ramon and Jean are the first two residents of the Venasque retirement home (Vaucluse) to benefit from the support of the endowment fund.

As the years go by, the help needed becomes more pronounced to support our seniors in this stage of their lives.